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Updates out the (travel) cannon

Every time I wanted to make an update post lately, something new came along or something else was updated. I have a written to-do list for this site that will keep me busy for awhile. That being said, my time to work on it has been dwindling as a side of effect of the quarantine ending, and will likely dwindle further. But thankfully, not to zero. Most of the more complicated stuff is finished.

Rhett Whittington #2

You should take a look at my long overdue second interview with fan artist Rhett Whittington. You should also know that not a few days after the interview was posted, his little dog friend that was featured died…

Major Q_Q

Frank loved car rides, rawhide bones, going on hikes, and he was a good boy. This site might be about Secret of Mana, but I own it and I say it’s also about ridiculously adorable fluffy animal friends.

Comment Away

Only the blog had commenting enabled until now because a lot of pages were still in a preliminary state. But now you can comment on most things, except those that shouldn’t be commented on, and others that are nowhere near finished.

Lore Expansion Project

Most of the effort continues to go towards getting Lore more content. The biggest new thing is the Print section with art and excerpts from magazines and guides. Almost all of the Japanese stuff has never been translated before, at least not completely and all in one place. There’s more stuff coming as soon as it’s translated; our backlog is still quite large at the moment, and it’ll likely be months before it’s cleared. Speaking of which, the other big thing coming to Lore are Square’s official descriptions of monsters, magic, items, etc., but it’ll be at least another month or two before that arrives.

On the horizon are more fan interviews, a collectibles gallery, and an exploration of connections between Secret of Mana and other games, to name a few things. Right now, there’s a worldwide search for this:

Source: Death Queen City

It’s a VHS tape that was played in Japanese stores a month before Secret of Mana’s release. As you see, it’s 2 hours long and given its date, likely has some lush SoM goodness. We have someone on the ground in Japan right now and we’ll continue to surf the Googles and what not. Or…maybe you have it?

5 thoughts on “Updates out the (travel) cannon

  1. I might just have this VHS.
    It’s currently a few states away in storage and I never watched it or looked at it closely unfortunately, so it could be something else. I do remember looking at the VHS and being surprised at the length stated on it. 120 min sounds familiar.
    I think I knew of the Death Queen site around that time, and that’s likely why I would have purchased the VHS.

    All I can find at the moment is a receipt from 2014 that says “店頭ビデオ 聖剣伝説2 スクウェア” translated to “Storefront Video Seiken Densetsu 2 Square”. The Yahoo Auction page is of course dead after this much time, unless they’re archived somewhere. Paid like 50 bucks I guess.

    Gonna have to see if I can talk someone into digging through the stuff I’ve got stored.

    1. An initial search wasn’t successful, but when they get a chance to dig deeper into my Mana Collection (it’s a lot to dig through…) we’ll see if it turns up.
      I know a VHS is in there, just no idea where.

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