Secret of Mana Redux

Secret of Mana in Square’s Guides


Secret of Mana in Square’s Guides

May 6, 2021

Square launched a set of two guides with the game. The first is the Fundamental Knowledge Compilation, whose unique information is featured all over this site. Its release date was the same as the game: August 6, 1993. Nothing released outside of Japan came close to what’s inside. The second was the Complete Strategy Compilation, which was delayed until September 30th. It served as a general strategy guide.

There was also the Adventure Guide Book, which also featured strategy but provided additional tips for boss monsters. It was first published on August 20th, but had at least one more printing in October featuring an appendix not in the first printing.

The main attraction are the endless ways that the marketing team photographed the official clay figures. These images were used on the title pages. They could only be posed one way but as you’ll see, you can do a lot with a blanket (napkin?), your headlights, and an old tree near a parking lot.

All translations by Yoshi Fukagawa

Fundamental Knowledge Compilation

Adventure Guide Book

This mini poster provided a map and general information, including a recommended sequence of events.

The title and credits pages have original art of the characters.

Complete Strategy Compilation

I saw the Mana Tree for the first time, [and] it was big.
The summit pierced the heavens, and the branches covered the forest…
A divinely huge and overwhelming existence.
It's the kindness [and strength] that has kept watch over the world for years.
People spoke of the legend of mana [without any doubts], 
and it became a strong faith [of the people] passed down from heart to heart.
[All] encounters are both miraculous and inspiring.
Only those who have true courage
are said to be able to grasp the rare luck.
Chapter of Departure

Randi was just like any ordinary boy anywhere.
However, from the moment he was led to draw the Holy Sword, he began to follow the path of a true hero.
What kind of trials await him in the future…?
Chapter of Predicament

After successfully protecting the Water Seed, the three headed to a new land, the great (grand) forest as the first destination, at the behest of Rusa Luka [Rusalka].
However, there was a painful and sorrowful fate waiting for them…

I guess these are the high tech buildings of the Empire?

Chapter of Flight

After going through various encounters and farewells, Randi, [Prim, and Popoi] finally set foot on the territory of the Vandor Empire.

And here, they acquired the great wings to fly [all over the world].

Looks like the ruins of the lost continent civilization, simulated with blurry nails:

Chapter of Trial

Randi, [Prim, and Popoi] ran all around the world to meet the Sage Jach.
Where is the sage [called] Jach…?
In such a journey, the three matured little by little while gaining new power.
Chapter of Legend

The three [had now wielded] true courage, but the Imperial Army had already reached the Temple of Mana.
Now that the Mana Seeds had been unsealed, the only way left for Randi and the others [to stop the Empire] was to prevent the Mana Fortress from surfacing.
The Holy Sword fulfills its role and falls asleep again


Snow covers the whole world.
The mysterious snow that Randi and Prim's tears melted into…
At that [very moment], a sprite disappeared, the Holy Sword became a legend again, and trees, animals, and humans were saved.
("I wonder if we did the right thing…")
Popoi laughs that [all is well].
("but… I'm sure we'll meet again someday, somewhere, Popoi…")

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