Secret of Mana Redux

Secret of Mana’s Insect Boss Monsters


Secret of Mana’s Insect Boss Monsters

Mantis Ant Mantis Ant LV HP MP EXP GP
3 150 20 10 100
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
マンティスアント 8 5 7 7 0 0 0 0
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Gnome Acid Breath
Gem Missile Lv.0
Sleep (melee)
None Sword
Square’s Description A huge mantis lurking deep underground. Its wings have degenerated because it lives in the ground, but instead it has strong leg strength and amazing jumps. It also moves very quickly. Its giant sickles are also powerful weapons, and it has an iron defense.
ManaRedux says… Since Mantis Ant can’t turn around, it really wants to be in back of you at all times. If you push it to the back wall, it has nowhere else to go, and will just hop in place and do nothing. Should you engage it normally, you’ll be healed any time you see the reaper so there’s no need to buy Candy unless you hate dying.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Mantis Ant

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