Secret of Mana Redux

The Pure Land


The Pure Land

World Map Legend

February 28, 2021

The Pure Land is where the Mana Tree resides. It’s in the shape of a massive volcano whose crater is a sea. A river flows from the sea to the ocean, possibly as a feeder. In the middle of this sea is an island which only appears when the clouds above the landmass dissipate, usually due to a decrease in global mana levels. This allows access from the sky, and presumably the ocean.

Despite being light on story content, the Pure Land is one of the largest areas in Secret of Mana. In addition, there’s not much variety in the individual screens that befit its status. Fantasy Anime’s in-game maps show the full scenario:


The Pure Land was mostly unchanged through all phases:

The idea is very close to forests in Final Fantasy V, developed around the same time.


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