Secret of Mana: Redux




May 3, 2021

Marukatsu Super Famicom was one iteration of the Marukatsu series, published by Kadokawashoten. It started as Marukatsu Famicom in 1986, and ended as Marukatsu Game Boy in 2000. It is one of the more difficult gaming magazines to come by.

February 26, 1993

Translated by Sevon


We just got our hands on these new pictures!

■There's a monster with a chainsaw… Why is he…?

Whoa, is this a boss battle!? This monster looks pretty tough and he's even got a chainsaw. But why is he here? Maybe he wants to use the chainsaw to cut down the "Tree of Mana"? Or does he have other things in mind…? Whatever the case may be…it's probably not the battered Mummy Seeker from the previous game (sorry, Marcie fans).

■ What kind of trials lie in wait for the protagonists?

This time, we've got a snapshot for each of the protagonists. Just looking at these makes one wonder how the story will unfold. What path will they take? And, what is the source of evil!?

 ← Protagonist 1 is fighting a giant bird(?) enemy!?

 ← Protagonist 2 stands at the gate of what looks like a castle… What is this place?

 ← Protagonist 3 has something following along… What could it be?

Much of the hype for Secret of Mana surrounded its evolution from its predecessor, Final Fantasy Adventure.

Translated by Yoshi Fukagawa

The [attack power] can be stored up to 8 levels!

Same as the Game Boy platform [game] "Final Fantasy Adventure", special moves can be used by charging up the [power] gauge displayed at the bottom of the screen. But what's astonishing is that it [can be charged] up to 8 levels.

Of course, the damage amount increases proportionally. Level 2 is more than Level 1, Level 3 is more than Level 2, and so on (also the charge time gets longer in the same manner). It is [exciting] that various attack moves can be performed with one kind of weapon (including bare hands [*this is wrong information---gloves is correct])!

Review of the previous installment (1)

[This] nostalgic screen is from the previous installment [of the Mana series]. The "Max Attack", predecessor of the "Special Moves" in [Secret of Mana] is shown [in the photo]. Each weapon offered different actions, and the movements of the [player] characters were playful and cute. Also chain flail, kusarigama, morning star and so on---taking advantage of the characteristics of their Max Attacks were [essential for] clearing the traps. How will that be for [Secret of Mana]?
The more you use the weapon[s], the Special Moves level up!

The level-up system of the special moves [in Secret of Mana] is same as the one in FF2. Regardless of the character's own level, by keep equipping and using the same weapon, the special move level of that particular weapon increases [for the character equipping the weapon].

Meaning, [for example,] the character who continues to equip the sword will eventually master the special moves for the sword. The three [player characters] cannot equip the same weapon at the same time, so each will become an expert of different weapons.

Review of the previous installment (2)

The previous installment was the opposite of Secret of Mana; regardless of how frequently a weapon was used, the levels of the "Max Attacks" increased when the character leveled up. It was a little bit disappointing that the graphics did not change [when the Max Attacks leveled up]. [It is understandable because] the previous installment was 2M; however, Secret of Mana is 16M [which is 8 times more], so it will [have more entertaining graphics].
Percentages are displayed for normal attacks (the first stage [i.e. before charging the power gauge])!

In normal attacks (first stage), percentages are displayed instead of gauges. This clearly indicates how much power can be exerted in the next attack. Of course, if you wait for the power to build up to 100%, the damage will be the highest.

By the way, in a normal attack, the computer automatically decides the attack method (swing down, thrust, defense, etc.) according to the character's level and behavioral state.

Review of the previous installment (3)

In the previous installment, there was no choice but to guess the approximate force from the length of the gauge. At the character's level increased, the gauge recovering speed increased also (this system is the same for Secret of Mana), but when the level was still low, it was frustrating because gauge recovered slowly. Since [the recovering rate is visible as a percentage] in Secret of Mana, that annoyance may be alleviated.

April 9, 1993

Secret of Mana’s release date was pushed back at least twice. Here we get Square’s explanation as to why they moved back the date from April to July. It would eventually be released in August.

Translated by Yoshi Fukagawa


The release date is postponed!  A direct interview session with Square!  (Answered by Mr. Nomura of Square's department of promotions)

Interviewer (I): Let's cut to the chase---why are you postponing the release?

Mr. Nomura (N): For Seiken Densetsu 2, we want to make a game that is one step ahead of the conventional RPG.  However, when creating a new product, it's necessary to develop it through trial and error many times.  Therefore, everything is going to take time.  Besides, each member of our development team doesn't even want to consider "compromise." (laughs) 

I: How far along is development at this point?

N: Well actually, [the game is] systematically complete.  I'm not lying.  However, it's not just about the system.  It [must feel pleasant] when you play it.  Therefore, just know that we are working on balancing those items [that are needed to make that happen].

I: When will it be released?

N: As of now, most likely July.  Once the release date is announced, Square will not postpone the release date announcement [again], so please pay attention to the release date announcement.  [The release date] will probably be decided by the time this [magazine] is available at bookstores.

I: How much will the price be?

N: Final Fantasy V was 16M and priced at ¥9800.  Seiken Densetsu 2 is also 16M, so [that should give you a ballpark estimate].

I: Lastly, may I have your message to [our] readers?

N: We're sorry to have kept you waiting, but please look forward to it as it will be a good game.

July 9, 1993

Come for Final Fantasy V. Stay for Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana)? Or was it the other way around? Either way, this would have been ecstatic. The promotion cycle for Final Fantasy V was ending as Secret of Mana’s was ramping up. This was exactly seven months after Final Fantasy V was released.

Translated by Yoshi Fukagawa

Infiltrate the "secret" Seiken Densetsu 2 experience!

What was waiting for the enthusiastic fans who gathered at Sunshine 60?

On June 6th, a card exchange event hosted by Square (related to Final Fantasy V) was held at the Cultural Exchange Center at Sunshine 60 in Ikebukuro.  When I went to get coverage and some interviews, the venue was extremely crowded with 5500 participants.  While everyone was having fun and exchanging cards [probably FFV-related trading cards], there was also a test play corner for Seiken Densetsu 2.

A long line in front of the Seiken Densetsu 2 monitor display...well, it can't be helped.  [picture caption]

Opinions of participants:

"The characters are very cute!" ---11th grade girl (this was a popular opinion)
"I was a little confused by the ring command feature.  It's difficult at first, but you get hooked once you get used to it." ---6th grade boy