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Secret of Mana in Dengeki


Secret of Mana in Dengeki

May 1, 2021

Dengeki is still published and has gone through many iterations, but it started with its Super Famicom imprint on December 26, 1992. Its most notable Secret of Mana offerings are its two “Book of Mana” supplements.

February 2, 1993

Translated by Sevon

You can't win just by mashing the B button!

The number in the gauge gradually increases. At 100%, you'll get the most power out of your attacks. In other words, just mashing the attack button will result in a lot of weak hits. When the gauge reaches 100%, another colored bar will fill for executing Power Attacks.

You can't equip the same weapon as your friends 

There are many weapon types to choose from, but the three party members can't use the same weapon. Naturally, this means you'll end up using different weapons. You can tell who has what equipped by checking whose face is next to the weapon icons in the Ring Menu. I wanna use that.
What about enhancing weapons?     

Only one weapon of each type can be held at any time. It's nice to have less stuff to carry around, but it makes you wonder how the weapons are actually enhanced. If you want to use the very first weapon until the end of the game, maybe there's a special Dwarven blacksmith who can help!? 

yoisa [expression of effort] 
korasa [expression paired with yoisa] 
wakuwaku [trembling with excitement]
Power Attacks change according to weapon skill level

Using the same weapon will raise your proficiency with that weapon type. As your weapon skill level rises, you'll be able to use even better Power Attacks. Skill level can be raised up to 9 (starting from level 0). It kind of resembles the growth mechanics in [FFII] and [Romancing SaGa].

Example using the Sword

Level 0 (starting level)
Level 3
Level 4

[in the picture]
Hehe, just a little more!
Not yet...
Not yet...

zunzun [sound of the gauge charging]


April 9, 1993 (Square Power Book)

The Square Power Book was a Dengeki supplement, one of the rarest collectibles of its kind. While it has a long preview feature for Secret of Mana, it also features a timeline of Square’s games up until that point as well as photos of Square’s office and interviews with employees.

Translated by Yoshi Fukagawa

Looking forward to summer vacation

Finally, the release is set to be in July.  Rather than being sad about the original target timing of April is pushed back, we should simply be happy about the release date is [finally] decided. Since the release date of this [highly anticipated game] is set for July, the release timing of other games might be affected. It might be interesting to check [their release schedules].

It’d finally be released in August…

What becomes of the rusty holy sword?

There was the rusty holy sword in the [Final Fantasy Adventure]. In the end, this [rusty sword] was fully recovered as Excalibur, and [used to] defeat the final boss. Will it be the same development this time? At least, the mention of "by changing its name..." in the game opening [must mean something]. Let's give it some thoughts.

May 14, 1993

Translated by Sevon


Mana Clan

"Mana" is great power which is concealed within everything. Those who posses a significant amount of Mana within themselves are called the Mana Clan.

There are normally no men in the Mana Clan. When a threat rises to endanger Mana itself, however, a male member of the Mana Clan is born as a mutation. This happens once every few hundred years. This is the true identity of the "Legendary Hero" in this world.

[US Version]
I will be the new Tree of Mana. 
But if I am the last one left, when I fall..
[JP Version]
I am the last of the Mana Clan.
..the last Mana Tree..

↑ The Mana Clan also appears in [Final Fantasy Adventure]. At the end is a touching scene where the heroine decides to become the Mana Tree.


An officer of the Kingdom that Purim has feelings for. He was born a commoner and worked his way up through the ranks. Purim's affections initially went unreciprocated, but as Dyluck came to terms with his own feelings, he gradually fell in love with her. However, he was sent to subjugate the witch in the north forest as part of Purim's father's scheme

Sprite Forest

The forest where "Gramps", the leader of the Sprites and Priest of the Wind Temple, lives. Popoi was born here with the proficiency for combat. Gramps also acts as an advisor for Popoi.

Mana is considered a mysterious force by Humans, but Sprites and Monsters have a deeper connection to it. If Mana is lost from the world, Sprites will cease to exist.

June 25, 1993

Translated by Sevon

② Randi's past is finally revealed

The Village Elder, who raised Randi as his own, tells him the truth. When Randi first arrived in Potos Village, his mother was with him. It seems like he wasn't an orphan to begin with. But since his mother isn't in the Village, does that mean she died soon after arriving? Or maybe she's alive somewhere in the world, waiting for Randi to find her. Randi is probably going to be known as a famous knight. Then his mother probably isn't an ordinary person, either.

Your mother brought you to this village when you were just a baby.

Where is his mother?
← What happened to Randi's mother? I wanna see what the Elder says next. But unfortunately, this is all we can show right now.

I'll go on ahead. My name is Jema. I'll wait for you inside the Water Palace!

A Gemma Knight appears!
→ Many people might remember that his name is Jema. Is he a Gemma Knight? His clothing is very similar to that of the previous wielder of the Mana Sword.

We got to play it before everyone else
Magazine Hands-on Report

Start by connecting the multi-tap

Then get 3 impatient people who don't know what they're doing. Oh boy...

We had three of our staff members check the movements of the characters on-screen. They had a hard time figuring out the controls, but only for the first few minutes. Then they became a trio of Action Battle Masters!

[right person]
Hey, I need healing!
Aaah~ I'm gonna die~

[left person]
Just press Y, then B!!

[TN: Just screaming from everyone in general]

This is what it looked like after getting used to the game. But the enemies were...

As they got used to the controls, they started paying attention to enemy movements. They really liked using all the Power Attacks. ...on regular enemies. Wait, don't bosses have more erratic movements than regular enemies?

They're getting used to it...

[right person]
Now for the finisher~!

[left person]
Go!! Salamanderrr!

Hmm, nice combo
● Gemma Knights

In the GameBoy game, Gemma Knights are warriors who protect the Mana Tree and guide the world toward peace. And there was a girl who helped the Gemma Knights. She eventually became the Mana Tree...

GameBoy Version
[US Version]
See Cibba in the town called Wendel. He knows more.
[JP Version]
See Cibba in the town of Wendel. He's also a Gemma Knight..

← The Gemma Knights were powerful allies of the protagonist. What useful guys.

August 27, 1993 (Book of Mana)

Randi approaching Thanatos, Dyluck, and Phanna at Pandora’s Ruins
Encountering Geshtar at the Sandship
Messing with the mind of a Steamed Crab

Translated by Hiro Amano

Golden Pattern! 

Randi: *poke* *poke*  
Crab: *spasm*  
Popoie: "Now's our chance!"  
Purim: Let's get 'em! 

September 10, 1993 (Book of Mana)

Time to face the Emperor. A lot of magazines did their own translations; here, “Vandole” is “Vandor”
The Vampire of Northtown
Separating themselves from themselves
Rise of the Fortress
Grand Palace cutaway. I’d say someone was playing a lot of SimTower when they made this, except that game wasn’t out yet…
Reunited in the underground city and it feels so good. Unless of course you’re not Popoie, who can sprint down the escalators with those tiny legs.
Door decision. The text characters represent a heartbeat sound.
Varieties of wolves

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