Secret of Mana: Redux




May 1, 2021

Dengeki is still published and has gone through many iterations, but it started with its Super Famicom imprint on December 26, 1992. Its most notable Secret of Mana offerings are its two “Book of Mana” supplements.

August 27, 1993 (Book of Mana)

Randi approaching Thanatos, Dyluck, and Phanna at Pandora’s Ruins
Encountering Geshtar at the Sandship
Messing with the mind of a Steamed Crab

Translated by Hiro Amano

Golden Pattern! 

Randi: *poke* *poke*  
Crab: *spasm*  
Popoie: "Now's our chance!"  
Purim: Let's get 'em! 

September 10, 1993 (Book of Mana)

Time to face the Emperor. A lot of magazines did their own translations; here, “Vandole” is “Vandor”
The Vampire of Northtown
Separating themselves from themselves
Rise of the Fortress
Grand Palace cutaway. I’d say someone was playing a lot of SimTower when they made this, except that game wasn’t out yet…
Reunited in the underground city and it feels so good. Unless of course you’re not Popoie, who can sprint down the escalators with those tiny legs.
Door decision. The text characters represent a heartbeat sound.
Varieties of wolves