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Terms & Disclaimer

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The original content on this site (Secret of Mana: Redux, is ©2016-2023 ManaRedux, all rights reserved. With the usual exceptions of Fair Use purposes such as reasonable excerpts, no part of this site may be reproduced anywhere without the express permission of the owner, who you can contact using the Contact Us from. Regardless, please clearly give credit when using our assets.

This site is an unofficial non-profit “fan site”, part of a project that has been active since 2016. All site content is provided to all, entirely free of charge. It is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Square-Enix, Inc., or any other related entity. All materials are provided for academic and historic purposes, as is, with no guarantees or warranties whatsoever. Only those materials that are useful for illustration and analysis and have been provided. These materials are under the copyright of their respective owners. None of the content contained herein may be used for profit (excluding Fair Use exceptions), or to promote any work that is not endorsed by Square-Enix, Inc., or related entities, for commercial purposes. You are solely responsible for your use of any content from this site.

This site occasionally features unofficial, unendorsed material that falls under the category of “fan art.” Square-Enix, Inc. of Japan has not commented specifically on Secret of Mana-related fan art, but has directed some inquiries to Square-Enix of America’s general page on fan works, and Square-Enix, Inc. of Japan has commented on fan art for other games. It is not Secret of Mana: Redux’s intention to post works that violate the spirit of what these entities have generally tolerated, and any work that does will be removed upon request. This site does not endorse, reference, or direct to commercial sales of unauthorized art.

This site has partially used materials from the web that have come from other unofficial parties, and with rare exception, explicit permission has been gained to use these materials. In the event that your intellectual property or other work appears here, and you are not satisfied with the acknowledgment or lack thereof, please use the Contact Us form, clearly identify these materials and where they appear on your site, and the action you’d like taken.

This notice may be updated without warning.

October 9, 2023