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Shonen Jump/V Jump


Shonen Jump/V Jump

May 1, 2021

Shonen Jump (full name: Weekly Shōnen Jump) is Japan’s best selling manga anthology, and also one of its oldest. Along with its spinoff V Jump, it has video game content as well.

February 21, 1993 (V Jump)

Translated by Yoshi Fukagawa

By using weapons during battles, their level will increase.  There are only simple moves at the beginning, but as the level increases, you can fight with powerful and awesome special moves with the touch of a button!

Sword Skill Level 1 [this is actually describing Level 2]

1)First, hold the sword.  At Level 0, it's a simple sword swing.
2)However, [when it reaches] level 1, move forward, spin the sword and...
3)At last, swing the sword down at full force.  Slash the enemy with a powerful strike!

Axe Skill Level 2

1)At Level 2, you can use a combo move.  First, attack once...
2)...then spin the axe in position to charge up the power for the next attack.  At last...
3)...from bottom to top, a lethal upper swing to finish the enemy off.

Much conversation before the game was released involved the ring menu. The developers seemed to be equally excited and nervous about the novel interface. Five months before launch, V Jump gave a small tutorial with original art of Randi.

Translated by ManaRedux and Yoshi Fukagawa

Convenient And Fast Command System

Purim says, "to make it easier for us to fight, give instructions quickly with easy-to-operate ring commands!"

Using the ring command menu is very easy.  Weapons and items are arranged in a ring around the character just by pressing X.  After that, select the one you want to use with the arrow pad, and press the B button.


Can you quickly equip the weapon of your choice and resume the battle fast [asked shyly]?  [caption, under Randi]

If you want to change your weapon, use the ring command to select the one you'd like. [caption, to Randi's right]


You can change the operation of the ring to your liking at any time during the game! [You can do this] with a command.  [caption, bottom left]

When you want to use the items, you can freely choose them via ring commands.  [caption, bottom right]

July 1993 (V Jump)

One of the most sought after collectibles for SoM fans is the appendix that was included in the July issue of V Jump. Rarely can you find the magazine and appendix together.

All translations by Yoshi Fukagawa

Randi can use three types of weapons! [the way this is worded, it sounds like he can only use these three]

Javelin, Sword, and Axe
Defeat the enemy with super speed!!

Spear, Glove
Detailed info. on the long range weapons!!

Whip, Bow, Boomerang
Kupopo, Guri, Guli
Don’t fear the reaper. After all, he doesn’t care if your little sprite friend pokes him with a spear, or if you admire his new designer robe. And he’s still taking Randi away…

August 2, 1993 (Shonen Jump)

This issue had a promotional poster featuring some of the game’s monsters: