Secret of Mana Redux

Secret of Mana’s Reptile Boss Monsters


Secret of Mana’s Reptile Boss Monsters

Biting Lizard Biting Lizard LV HP MP EXP GP
11 770 6 210 348
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
ぱっくんトカゲ 24 31 23 23 0 0 0 0
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Undine Cure Water Lv. 3 Salamando Glove
Square’s Description Tonpole – A huge pale pink tadpole. It flies and bounces quickly, but it doesn’t have any special attacks. However, in a pinch it instantly grows into an adult and attacks again. Because of this, be careful.

Biting Lizard – A brute that appeared due to the growth of the tadpole. A ferocious lizard. It has a long tongue like a chameleon, catches and swallows enemies with its tongue, and tries to dissolve even bones with its powerful gastric fluid. It is also a troublesome guy who casts recovery magic.
ManaRedux says… For some reason, the Biting Lizard’s attack is less effective after going through its three Cure Waters. If facing the triple reprise in the Ice Palace, they can’t damage you at all if you have the latest armor. You can easily conquer them with Fireball but unless you’re in a hurry, it’s not worth wasting magic. In case you’re wondering, it is possible to kill Tonpole before it morphs but you’ll likely have to get your levels too high for it to be useful.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Biting Lizard
Jabberwocky Jabberwocky LV HP MP EXP GP
18 950 90 800 768
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
ジャバウォック 28 10 30 30 99 12 99 15
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Undine Acid Storm Lv.3
Cure Water Lv.3
Poison Gas
Sleep (melee)
Gnome Bow
Square’s Description A double-headed monster with all the characteristics of a reptile. It stretches its neck to the maximum and bites. In addition, although the movement of the two necks are perfectly linked, they are independent as living organisms so even if one is cut off, it will never die.
ManaRedux says… Getting close can leave you poisoned and/or unconscious. But you have Gnome (O frabjous day!), so there’s no need for your vorpal blade to go snicker-snack.

Ted Woolsey may have thought that “Jabberwock” was incorrect and changed it to “Jabberwocky.” But that’s the name of the Lewis Carroll poem; Jabberwock is the correct name of the monster.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Jabberwocky
Great Viper Great Viper LV HP MP EXP GP
22 1330 8 1410 1056
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
グレートボア 29 8 31 31 0 0 99 81
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Gnome Gem Missile Lv.3
Pygmize (melee)
Sylphid Sword
Square’s Description A huge snake with hard scales. The length of the torso reaches several tens of meters, and it could fit a small village in its coils. In addition, the sharp and pointed fangs have a mysterious power to shrink its opponent, and swallow any prey in one go.
ManaRedux says… Air Blast Lv. 3 is all you need here. If not, it may be a long fight with much raging over its propensity to turn around and whack you after it just did. You may want to cast Defender to lessen the damage it deals. Take along Medical Herbs for the negative status effects.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Great Viper
Hydra Hydra LV HP MP EXP GP
48 3382 99 12439 3600
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
ヒドラ 66 13 62 62 99 90 99 400
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Undine None Salamando Whip
Square’s Description It’s said that this reptilian monster originally had eight heads. Due to its exceptionally ferocious nature, these comrades sharing the same body began to engage in cannibalism, and only two heads remained. Even so, those two heads can strike out powerfully.
ManaRedux says… Don’t let the fact that he can regrow heads scare you; Exploder is all you need, and it doesn’t have to be that powerful.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Hydra

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