Secret of Mana Redux

Secret of Mana’s Plant Boss Monsters


Secret of Mana’s Plant Boss Monsters

Tropicallo Tropicallo LV HP MP EXP GP
7 315 0 80 132
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
バド 15 9 20 20 0 0 0 0
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Dryad None None Spear
Square’s Description A plant with a thorny shell that grew up by sucking up a powerful poison. It spits out the pumpkin bombs made in its body to attack. In addition, it is able to freely move under the ground by hiding in its shell and rotating at high speed. Blood Ropers appear at its side from the buds grown from its cells. However, you want to focus your attack on Tropicallo.
ManaRedux says… The way to fool the pumpkin bombs is to stand under them and move as they’re coming down. Take out any Bramblers early. Getting the latest armor helps greatly, and so does having Purim. Standing in the doorway and at the edges of the arena can help you avoid its attacks.

The “Blood Ropers”, as they’re known in Japanese, take their name from Dungeons & Dragons.

You can find out more about this battle on the Gaia’s Navel page.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Tropicallo
Boreal Face Boreal Face LV HP MP EXP GP
26 1100 12 2245 1040
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
オチューフェイス 24 12 37 37 99 12 99 161
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Dryad Burst Lv.4
Cure Water Lv. 4
Sleep Flower Lv. 4
None Bow
Square’s Description Befitting a region of intense cold where it’s difficult for vegetation to grow, this plant became a monster that expels poisonous gas. Normally it conceals itself deep underground, but in battle it attacks with the hot sap that flows inside of its body like magma and with pumpkin bombs produced by a part of its [biological] cells.
ManaRedux says… Boreal Face is an extremely tedious battle for all kinds of reasons. Spamming magic can work, but it’s expensive as the resulting damage is small. Its Sleep Flower makes you susceptible to pumpkin bombs and Cure Water makes a boss that’s difficult to damage more difficult. This is another situation where your AI allies may get too close to stay out of harm’s way. Charge up your weapon to 100% and heal as needed. One bright spot is that unlike Tropicallo, its pumpkin bombs are not that devastating.

Its Japanese name is a D&D reference.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Boreal Face
Aegagropilon Aegagropilon LV HP MP EXP GP
46 3016 99 11050 1800
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
メガゾーン 55 1 61 61 99 15 99 97
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Dryad Burst Lv.7
Sleep Flower Lv.7
Sleep (melee)
Wall Lv.7
Gnome/Sylphid Spear
Square’s Description A grotesque monster with thick pointed fangs and unusually long legs who swallows everything and is connected to another dimension. Also, be careful of its ramming attacks when it folds its legs inside its body and rolls about violently.
ManaRedux says… Aegagropilon can be nigh impossible if you don’t have the Battle Suits from Gold City or Tasnica. Expect to be taken out in one or two hits. He can also stunlock you if he gets on top of you. Once you get your armor squared away, steer clear and attack from a distance. Dispel Magic makes this battle much easier as you can keep hitting him with attack spells, but it needs to be at a high level to be effective. This can be a taxing fight, but very winnable with the right preparation.

Like the above two Plant bosses, its name “Mega Xorn” comes from D&D.

You can read more on Sheex’s page.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Aegagropilon

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