Secret of Mana Redux

How you can help SoM: Redux

Secret of Mana: Redux is a non-profit hobby. Our goal from the first minute has been to create a comprehensive collection of relevant content and analysis, tragically overdue for such an essential part of the gaming canon. Until we started this project, almost nothing here was readily available, let alone in one place. There’s no money to be made to begin with, but there’s still expenses. The site itself has operating costs including equipment, apps and hosting fees. Then there’s items like guides and magazines that have no equivalent outside Japan. Even in the 2020s, these can rarely be procured anywhere else, and doing so is not trivial.

There’s no obligation to contribute anything regardless of how much time you spend on the site. But if you like the work we do here and have gained some amount of personal benefit, please consider a donation. No amount is too small. All donations are non-refundable for any reason.

You can also help in non-monetary ways. We’re always in need of contributors who:

  • (actually) know Japanese at an advanced level
  • know a language other than English at an advanced level and might want to make translations. We’re especially in need of German and French
  • can help with WordPress/web related issues
  • have magazines or guides with prerelease screenshots or information that we don’t have
  • are good working with images/videos
  • want to create unique content for the site

If any of these apply to you, or you have something else, we’d love to hear from you.