Secret of Mana Redux




We get a lot of questions and requests for things. Hopefully, this will save you time.

Can you do Trials of Mana/Final Fantasy something/[that other game I like] next?

Sadly, no. We can barely find time for this project, and even if there was space for a similar one, this site has a very specific purpose that’s unique to one game. Furthermore, most other games of its type have similar projects out there that far surpass anything we could accomplish.

I’ve never seen the script you’re using on the site. Which version of the game is it from?

It’s actually an original, fairly literal translation made by Taosenai for this project.

What happened to the YouTube links on the music pages?

Square has been cracking down on YouTube channels that host Secret of Mana’s music. We already changed the URLs twice just to have everything get deleted again. It’s not hard to find the tracks if you want to listen to them.

Can you search the materials you have for information on ______________?

The magazines and guides that were sources for this project are owned by different members of the Redux community, and reside in different places. If you have something specific you’re looking for, we can try to accommodate your request. Keep in mind that while we have a lot of materials, most of them are in a very narrow time frame.

Have you ever reached out to any Secret of Mana developers?

Myself and a few Japanese readers tested those waters with some very promising early results. Ultimately, there were too many professional, legal, and cultural barriers to overcome. We can’t reveal specifics, but it’s best for all parties involved that we don’t divulge any new information we may have learned. The decision was also made not to pursue further contact with anyone who worked on SoM.

Will you make walkthroughs, cheat sheets, etc.?

Endless amounts of that stuff are only one Google search away.

What about ROM Hacks?

Other than passing mentions when it’s helpful, we don’t have much interest in cataloguing information on fanmade SoM mods.

I have something to write/contribute.

We might be able to use it. Contact us or see this page for what we’re in need of.