Secret of Mana Redux

The Lost Continent


The Lost Continent

February 28, 2021

World Map Legend

The Lost Continent is exactly what its name implies. The only remnants above sea level are sections of coral, and the lonely Tree Palace. Ruins of a technologically advanced civilization from Ancient times also rest with the Continent. The game depicts an underground city with escalators and a subway, and the Mana Fortress itself is buried here. It’s not known if it was intentionally lowered by the first Mana Sword hero, but he did create a mechanism with which it can be raised—by unsealing the eight Mana Seeds found throughout the world. There’s also the Grand Palace, an amalgam of the eight Mana elements, which is connected to the Tree Palace.

As you can already guess, The Tree Palace/Underground City/Grand Palace sequence ends up being a mess of plot points and threads that got tied up at once, as well as otherwise unrelated areas that were stitched together. The scenario may have been constantly changing, as pieces of deleted rooms are still outside the bounds of the Palace:

GameFAQs: regrs

Other than its shape, little is known about the development of the Lost Continent:

A prerelease shot of the Lost Continent
During phase II
The lost continent as it appears in Secret of Mana

I always thought that it was a very unsettling place. There weren’t many 3D video game maps at the time with expansive, vacant, strangely colored continents, especially when the rest of the world is what you’d expect. Let’s take a look:

The Tree Palace
An overhead shot of the lost continent

Not a place I’d want to encounter while parasailing.  And this is an aerial view of a real coral reef:

A coral reef

This has always bugged me.  I got stuck up here awhile back, thinking there had to be a way out, but it seems there’s no peg on the lower level to whip back to.  Probably something unfinished, but why leave it in the game where a player could get stuck? 

Inside the Grand Palace

Localization Notes

  • The Grand Palace is amusingly localized as, “Dämonenfestung” in German, “Demon Fortress.”

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