Secret of Mana Redux

Secret of Mana’s Demon Boss Monsters


Secret of Mana’s Demon Boss Monsters

16 920 99 580 720
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
ルームガーダー 33 20 28 28 99 15 0 0
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Sylphid Cave-In
Cure Water Lv.3
Freeze Lv.3
Energy Absorb Lv.3
Flash Beam
Leaden Glare
Revivifier Lv.3
Gnome Bow
Square’s Description Wall Eyes- The left and right eyeballs that parasitize Wall Face constantly look around. They quickly detect human lifeforce with special eyesight. Once engaged in battle, the eyes try to protect Wall Face, which can be considered their master, by making full use of both attack and recovery magic.

Wall Face – This devil was summoned by a mage who tried to lead the world to ruin, but was unsuccessful, and it is said that only a glass like single eye appeared. Since then it has been attached to the walls of the underground labyrinth, followed by the Wall Eyes, and continues to devour human lifeforce.
ManaRedux says… A few Lv. 2 Gem Missiles on the center eye wins. Otherwise, kill only one of the side eyes to avoid a cave-in. An oddball, drawn-out strategy is to drain the center eye’s MP by forcing it to cast Revivifier for 10 MP each time. After its MP drops to zero, it can’t revive whichever eye you target, and then you can just concentrate on the center with one less eye to worry about.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Wall Face
Doom's Wall LV HP MP EXP GP
34 1180 99 4750 648
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
サタンズウォール 30 9 45 45 99 33 99 81
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
Shade Cave-In
Confuse Hoops
Energy Absorb Lv.5
Leaden Glare
Revivifier Lv.5
Thunderbolt Lv.5
Gnome Whip
Square’s Description Doom Eyes – The left and right eyes of the devil whose body was torn apart by the sword of a god in the battle between the god and the devil that occurred long ago. They are constantly on the lookout for prey. In addition to recovering with heal water and energy absorb, it also has the power to give a “leaden glare”.

Doom Wall – The first demon with a huge wall-like body. The wall on which the eyeballs parasitize looks solid on the outside, but its inside consists of reddish-black cells and icy cold blood flowing. It can revive the Doom Eyes by casting revive.
ManaRedux says… An appropriately levelled Gem Missile can take out the center eye before too many Cure Waters.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Doom's Wall
Hexas Hexas LV HP MP EXP GP
57 3465 69 20103 14400
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
ラミアンナーガ 50 8 64 64 99 81 99 400
Element Special Abilities Weakness Orb
None Acid Storm Lv.6
Air Blast Lv.6
Dispel Magic Lv.6
Earth Slide Lv.6
Fireball Lv.7
Freeze Lv.6
Gem Missile
Lava Wave Lv.6
Pygmize (melee)
Gnome Whip
Square’s Description A monster with beautiful female upper body and a huge snake lower body. Its unbalanced appearance instills people with a strong fear. Watch out for the beautiful and cold eyes with the power to make the opponent sick and four arms with powerful magical powers.
ManaRedux says… A time honored way to annoy Hexas is to cast Absorb MP on her; she only has 69 to begin with. This will render her almost harmless, and you can finish the fight without expending too many resources. You’ll never see the Sylphid spells due to a bug.
Adventure Guide Cartoon Hexas

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