Secret of Mana Redux




Obviously, there’s no way that one or even a few people made all of this. I’m going to attempt to list the multitude who contributed to this project, and who I’m greatly indebted to for making it all happen. It’s evident that Secret of Mana has fans all over the world. There’s an 11/10 chance that I forgot to mention some folks, so let me know if that’s you and I’ll fix it.

The project’s superfans, Michele di Fronzo and BahamutArk. They’ve spent long hours (read: years) assisting me in every possible aspect.

The programmers zhaDe, Queue, and regrs are a few of the world’s foremost experts on how Secret of Mana works, and how to make Secret of Mana do whatever you want. They helped further my understanding of the game, as I’m a complete idiot when it comes to coding (and actually, most things).

Taosenai is a saintly professor of East Asian Studies who translated the entire Japanese script pro bono, and continues to provide world class language and cultural support. The translations and Localization Notes certainly didn’t come from me. On that note, Hiro Amano and Yoshihiro Fukagawa are natives of Japan who also provided insight into Secret of Mana’s cultural origins.

There are so many readers who made contributions and pointed out errors, but CelesDestiny and ThanatosZero stand out.

My musician friends: Pamela Wiswakarma, Mark Runkles, Dom Cerquetti and Peter Krutschnitt among them.

Other direct contributors: Clyde Mandelin, bluebomber, kWhazit, Jammin’ Sam Miller, Hybris, Luis Contreras, Dr. Sheexy, Sevon, babasbackside, Newhouse-Estates, Kassidy, roanmaster, Mataxia, StingerPA, Minta Lu, cetteSara, Vulkjr, vreeky, Toni Nerdson, and Rhett Whittington.

I also need to mention marktrade, E-Day, and Akane of for their high quality preservation of Japanese magazines on the web.

Finally, a huge thanks to web developers Candy & Rich Joseph who were too kind to take on such an eccentric project.