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Secret of Mana’s Merchandise


Secret of Mana’s Merchandise

January 24, 2022

Given its era, Secret of Mana had less merchandise and memorabilia than later games. If you weren’t in Japan at the time of its release, your options were even more limited. Nevertheless, most items have been tracked down and this handy guide catalogs everything known.

The items shown are mainly from the collections of ManaRedux, Dr. Sheexy, BahamutArk and bluebomber. We’re grateful to DEATH QUEEN CITY for providing a database of its own for Japanese items. The demand for SoM merch far exceeds the officially licensed supply, and there are quite a few unauthorized peripherals out there of varying quality. We’ve done our best to identify genuine goods, so please let us know if we messed up somewhere.

You can find explanations of our rarity scale here.

30th Anniversary of Mana Postcards (3)

A series of postcards were released in Japan for the Mana series’ 30th anniversary. The ones shown exclusively feature SoM characters. You’ll also find postcards with characters from other games, as well as mashups with all of them.

Action Figures (3)

These figures came with the 2018 remaster’s Collectors Edition. This was primarily a Japanese release, though there were a few released in America with the English version. I call them action figures, but their only course of action is when you set them up as characters in the pop-up storybook below.

Buttons (3)

Square released a series of collectible buttons that came in blind packaging. They were available at the Square Enix cafe in Japan. You may have gotten lucky enough to get all three SoM heroes—unfortunately, you had to open the packages (perhaps dozens) to find out.

Coaster (3)

Probably the most practical SoM collectible out there, the coaster could also be acquired from the Square Enix cafe. It uses the art of the 2018 remaster.

Keychain (3)

Just what it says—keychains in the shape of all three characters. These also use the art of the 2018 remaster. They’re sadly not programmable i.e. you can’t squeeze Popoie and get the sound of a Freeze spell while your car’s AC starts.

Mug (1)

Dr. Sheexy

Woah, a rabite in a place like your dishwasher. There’s some great third party mugs out there, but this is the only official one as of now.

Phone Card (5)

That’s the best image I could find of the Seiken Densetsu 2 phone card, from a Japanese auction site. What’s a phone card, you say? Grab a comfy bean bag chair and let me tell you of the days of old…

Pop-up Storybook (3)

Look at Flammie go!

The pop-up storybook is sadly only three double-paged spreads from the game. This also came with the remaster’s Collectors Edition, but you can often find it separate. There’s no text or storytelling—you make the plot with the action figures above. Flammie’s on the second page, and has depressions to place the characters for a ride.

Postcard “Fan” (5)

Dr. Sheexy

A postcard that’s also “uchiwa”, or a fan to keep you cool. Essentially a useful item that you can attach a stamp to and send it on its way.

Puzzle (3)

Make your rainy days a bit brighter with the Secret of Mana 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Like a lot of things, it’s only available in Japan and seems to be getting more difficult to find.

Rabite Hat (4)

Dr. Sheexy

The rabite hat was actually given out at promotional events, though it would also work for a Rabite King fast food chain. Come on Square, we’re looking at you…

Rabites (3)

Dr. Sheexy
Dr. Sheexy
Dr. Sheexy

There’s actually quite a few plush Rabites out there (Japan-only once again), but these are the three that are designated as Secret of Mana toys.

Remaster Promotional Postcards (3)

These were Japan-only postcards that were sold at the time of the 2018 remaster.

Shitajiki (5)

Our good friend Hiro explains shitajiki, or “pencil board”:

It’s actually a uniquely Japanese office/school item originally made of celluloid but nowadays made of plastic. Often printed with company logos or manga characters/scenes. It’s like a sort of blotter. It prevents impressions on the desktop or adjacent pages of a notebook made by pencils or pens.

Tapestry (3)

A really snazzy textured poster that’s a generous 1 meter in length. And yes, only available in Japan, and getting harder to find.

T-Shirt (4)

A retro t-shirt with the game’s cover for its design. This is not easy to find—don’t fall for uncollectible contemporary knockoffs. It’s even rarer in the original plastic. I vividly recall folks wearing Nintendo t-shirts like this back in the day.

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