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Secret of Mana’s Beast Monsters


Secret of Mana’s Beast Monsters

February 20, 2022

There’s only one monster that the developers considered beastly, and it’s the Werewolf.

Werewolf Werewolf LV HP MP EXP GP
9 140 6 30 36
Japanese Str Agi Int Wis PDef PEv MDef MEv
ウェアウルフ 15 15 22 16 0 0 0 0
Element Special Abilities Weakness Drop(C) Drop(R)
Moon Cure Water Lv.0
Lunar Boost Lv.0
None Cup of Wishes Kung-Fu Vest
Square’s Description Werewolves that are at least 2m tall. They’re a kind of beastman known as a lycanthrope, and move very quickly. They don’t have any special weapons, but deliver sharp kicks and punches.
ManaRedux says… Werewolves are notorious for their high speed and attack power, and love of stunlocking you to death. The key is to avoid them in tight quarters. If you absolutely must engage them up close, surround them so at worst, they don’t damage all of your players. In many areas, you can attack them at a distance while they’re pinned by an obstacle. They were also strategically placed around the witch’s castle to provide healing support to other enemies—a type of sophistication that’s sadly lacking elsewhere.

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