Secret of Mana Redux

November Update

Serin Appears in Front of Randi

If you’re in the mood for some new (old) Secret of Mana art, ManaRedux has you covered! There are also some new lore postings as well that I’ll mention below.

Characters: Serin – As seen on the right, there is a great piece of art from Dengeki Super Famicom showcasing Randi’s encounter with the mysterious ghost at the bottom of the falls.

Characters: Truffle – A cute bit of art of the characters meeting the folks from Matango. The characters seem a bit suspicious.

Characters: Luka – Scroll down a bit to see how Randi feels about Luka. 

Locations: Ice Country – Check out the bottom of this page to see some absolutely adorable outfits for Popoie and Purim, Randi isn’t looking too impressed, however.

Locations: Kakkara – About halfway down the page you can check out some art about an encounter with the Spider Legs, and continue on to read about a small piece of cut material from the game. 

Lore: Dengeki – Some new art from the 4/9/93 Square Power Book is showcased here, along with translations of the text accompanying it. Additionally, translations from the 5/14/93 issue can be found, including some Final Fantasy Adventure stuff, some backstory for Dyluck, and info on Popoie’s home!

Lore: Marukatsu – The 1/1/93 issue has some translations of very early information from the game, as well as many more comparisons to Final Fantasy Adventure. Head most of the way down the page for an absolute treasure trove of art from 9/10/93! Some really fun stuff here, don’t miss it! ManaRedux was able to get these art scans thanks to the help of bluebomber. Thanks!

Special thanks to Sevon (the guy with the nifty Legend of Mana pages and intensely immense SaGa pages) for all the help on many of the translations found on these pages! 

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