Secret of Mana Redux




February 28, 2021

Santa meets the party in the Ice Palace

Santa is the real Santa, and sadly, even Santa can get caught up in the Mana circus.  In a quest to be the best Santa he can be, he steals a Mana Seed, and things go awry:

SANTA: Oh, my reindeer! Sorry to have made you worry. I’m alright, now.  I was the Frost Gigas.  Nowadays, children don’t believe in me.  When mana fades, even they lose their hopes and dreams and I wanted to give them back.  It’s said that Mana Trees grow huge in just an instant.  In order to grow a huge Christmas tree, I foolishly took away a Mana Seed.   But instead, the Mana energy affected my body, and turned me into that monster…if someone uses the power of Mana incorrectly, it’s a very dangerous thing!  So that dreams and futures may return to the children, I’ll do my best!

It’s often missed just what an important character Santa is.  By stealing the Fire Seed, he’s the driving force of the Kakkara-Ice Country arc, and his goals are distinct from the Empire’s machinations.  

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