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February 28, 2021

Phanna, with pointed ears like Purim and Dyluck. Perhaps a trait of Pandora?
The Book of Mana (Dengeki: August 27, 1993)

Phanna is one of Purim’s friends, and also lives in Pandora.  Regardless of whether Randi has met Purim or not, she has the same line in the beginning, explaining the state of the town and her family:

PHANNA: People have been gathering in the Ancient ruins on the outskirts of town, and frankly, the whole state of the town has been peculiar lately [frankly, something strange is going on]!  My grandmother has always been in such good health, and yet…

Randi’s encounter with Phanna here is the only glimpse of normalcy for the character.  Like many citizens of Pandora, she gets caught up in the cultish gathering at the Ruins.  Purim confronts her when she and Randi go to investigate.

PHANNA: Oh, Purim…I’m soon to be a “sacrifice”, he said…won’t that be nice… 

PHANNA: Phanna, what are you saying? Get a hold of yourself!!

PHANNA: …You’re annoying!

Purim encounters Phanna at the Pandora Ruins

Thanatos eventually relinquishes the kingdom, but keeps Dyluck and Phanna.  It’s eventually revealed in the American release why he hangs onto Dyluck, but the Japanese script also adds that the lifeblood of a maiden is necessary too, hence the need for Phanna. The Fundamental Knowledge Compilation reveals that the vampire fought in the Ruins gains eternal life by sucking blood, especially that of young women.

Later, Purim finds Phanna in the Empire, confronts her, and eventually snaps her out of Thanatos’ control.  The exchange hints at a love triangle:

PHANNA: I’m not going home! I’ve decided to stay here and live together with Dyluck Fufu…Since you were always talking about Dirac around me, sorry…I won’t be giving him back!

PURIM: That’s…!  You’ve gotta be kidding me! Pamela!

PHANNA: Hahahaha! Serves you right!

With Phanna freed, Purim becomes the next available maiden for Thanatos, but Randi thwarts this attempt at capturing her.

Purim and Phanna later reconcile at the end of the game:

PHANNA: Purim!! I said some really awful things to you…

PURIM: No, it’s fine. Your spirit was being controlled. You couldn’t help that.

PHANNA: I…I guess I was jealous that you and Dyluck were so happy.  Somewhere in my heart that left an opening, and Thanatos took advantage of it, I think…Forgive me, please!

PURIM: Hey, Phanna, look at me…We’re friends, aren’t we?

PHANNA: Thank you so much!  I’ll be praying that you get Dyluck back.

Localization Notes

  • Phanna’s Japanese name is Pamela (or Pamaela), which is a perfectly good name in English.  I’m not sure why Ted Woolsey would call her Phanna, especially with another character named Fanha.  
  • “Sacrifice” is in quotes as it’s written in katakana in the Japanese script. This suggests that she doesn’t understand the gravity of the word, or what will happen to her due to being brainwashed. The SNES translation’s “one-way-trip” implies that she heard Thanatos correctly, but still doesn’t understand what it means.

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