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February 28, 2021

Admiral Meria, who should strand Morie in a sandship “accident”
The Book of Mana (Dengeki: August 27, 1993)

Like his grandson Morie, Admiral Meria only appears in the sandship sequence.  Meria’s career seems to be in a lull, but after watching Randi’s heroics, his own sense of honor is reinvigorated.  He also gets the motivation to rein in Morie:

MERIA: Goodness, if you hadn’t all been here, what would have happened?  This is deeply embarrassing…What? You’re acquaintances of Jema?  Well then, you must be the ones with the Mana Sword from the rumors!  It’s no wonder that…no, I understand now!  Seems that I’ve spoiled my grandson too much.  Please, forgive me.  I shall discipline him relentlessly, until he’s been corrected…The heart of a knight, something that I had begun to forget—I’ve seen it in all of you.  Thank you…

His soldiers note the sentiment:

With this, I expect Admiral Meria will return to being a splendid knight, as he was in the old days.

Meria is later referenced by a citizen of Tasnica, where we learn that he was Jema’s successor as the leader of the kingdom’s knights.  It seems that he’s been successful in his personal revival:

Even Knight Commander Meria, whose reputation had fallen to a terrible extent, has lately been quite different, it seems. 

In the lost continent sequence, Randi tries to stop Thanatos from getting control of the Mana Fortress, while Tasnica’s forces engage the Empire at large.  All of this happens off screen, but a brief comment from Sergo reveals that Meria was there, completing his comeback as a stately warrior:

SERGO: The other soldiers escaped on Admiral Meria’s ship.

Localization Notes

  • Meria’s name can be localized as “Merillat.”

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