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Mana Tree


Mana Tree

February 28, 2021

You know about the Mana Tree, right? Somewhere in the world, there is a forbidden territory known as the Pure Land. From the Pure Land, the Mana Tree is watching over the entire world. We are blessed…

A citizen of Mandala

The Mana Tree is the heart of Mana in the world, which is constantly under its watch.  The Tree is actually a female member of the Mana Tribe who has left her offspring, while the males go out into the world and directly defend Mana, often with the Mana Sword.  Long ago, the first Mana Sword hero captured the Fortress and locked it with the seals of the Mana Seeds, which are a small part of the Tree by the time of Secret of Mana.  The origin of how the Mana Tree became the way of regulating Mana is unknown. 

A few NPCs reference the Mana Tree, but we get the sense that it’s viewed as a legend.  The Pure Land is the home of the Tree, which towers over the landmass.  The Mana Tree becomes significant after the Empire revives the Mana Fortress.  In order to do this, they needed to break the seals on all eight Mana Seeds, which they do.  However, the Mana Seeds also power Randi’s Sword, and he suddenly isn’t powerful enough to defeat the Empire.  As a result, Jema implores Randi to visit the Pure Land.

JEMA: At the edge of the world, there is a forbidden place known as the “Pure Land.”  Normally, it is enveloped in clouds, and it isn’t possible to enter from the sky. However, things are different now.  The animating power of the Fortress is Mana Energy. The Mana Fortress is stealing away the last of the little remaining Mana power!  Is it possible that the clouds concealing the Pure Land, which is protected by Mana, may have disappeared!?  The Mana Seeds are but a small part of the Mana Tree….The power of the Mana Sword has been restored thus far by resonating with the seeds.  If you cause the sword to resonate with the Mana Tree itself, it’s possible that it will be resurrected into its complete form!

He also tells us that it’s Sage Joch who gives this teaching.  According to Jema, no one has been to the Pure Land:

JEMA: It is forbidden ground–a place where no one has ever before tread.  What could be there, I know not.  Go with caution!

However, the women who become the Tree have to get there somehow, so that may not be entirely accurate.

Randi is successful in reaching the Pure Land: a dense, untouched forest that at times seems like it never ends.  It has six boss monsters, the most of any sequence.  There is evidence of abandoned structures, so perhaps it was inhabited in Ancient times.  It looks like a volcano from the sky, but instead of a molten cavern, the base is filled with water with an island on top.  The Fundamental Knowledge Compilation reveals that the white dragon fought here is one of the species that was thought extinct, so Randi’s basically offing Flammie’s family.

Eventually, Randi reaches the Mana Tree.  Just the sight of it causes of sense of awe and self-awareness:

RANDI: …what is this place?

PURIM: Look!!  That must be the Mana Tree!

POPOIE: We’ve done it at last!  Big bro!  With this, the Mana Sword can truly be revived!

PURIM: It feels like I’m dreaming, somehow…to think that we’ve really come this far. 

PURIM: Randi…congratulations. I’m so glad I met you…And of course you, too, “chibi-chan”…

POPOIE: Oh!  I, too, was quite lucky to have been blessed with such good henchmen.

RANDI: Even though it’s only been a short time, so much has happened. And yet, it’s all happened together with you guys…And so, to think that we’ve come this far… thank you.  All right, it’s time for the last push!  If the Mana Tree revives the Mana Sword for us, we won’t have to fear the Mana Fortress or anything else! Now, let’s go!

But just as they’re about to approach, the sky darkens as the Mana Fortress launches an attack from overhead: 

[THANATOS]: Fuhahaha…Behold, the power of the Mana Fortress!  Main gun, fire!!

All three characters regain consciousness far from their previous position.  The entire area has been destroyed:

RANDI: Where are we? …Aah, the Mana Tree is gone! This…this can’t…

POPOIE: What the heck!?  We’ve come so far, and yet…Curse that Thanatos!

PURIM: This is too cruel!  What will happen to the world—to Dyluck…?

The Mana Tree calls out to Randi

Suddenly, the Tree begins to speak, but the characters face away from where it was, indicating that it only exists in spirit now.  It reveals more about the Empire’s quest for Mana, and also tells Randi the secret of his origin:

MANA TREE: Randi…I’ve been waiting for all of you.  I am the Mana Tree…the one who has long watched over this world.  This is not something to despair.  Even though you cannot see me, my spirit is with all of you…

Later, she reveals that Serin was Randi’s father, a Mana knight who was supposed to take up the Sword.

RANDI: What!?  Then, the ghost I saw near that waterfall…that was my father!?

MANA TREE: Your father, Serin, was a night of the Republic.  And I…was his wife, and your mother…We are of the Mana Seed clan.  Women of our clan, having given birth to children, have it as their fate to become the Mana Tree, and continue to watch over the world…Men of our clan, like your father, must take up the Mana Sword and protect peace and order…I will use the last of my power, and cause all of the unsealed Mana Seeds to resonate with the Mana Sword…Randi…I’m sorry. I am your mother, yet I was never able to be much of a mother to you.

Those are her last words before she perishes.  Randi’s quest appeared to be in vain when the Empire broke all of his seals and revived the Mana Fortress, but the Mana Tree’s assistance and revelations give him and his friends the courage to finish their journey:

RANDI: I’m from the Mana Seed clan…I will take up the will of my father and my mother, and show them that I can protect our irreplaceable world!

POPOIE: Alllll right! Now you’re talking! As expected of my number one henchman!

PURIM: That’s right! Somehow, I feel like I met my mother as well.  She’s in my heart, for sure!

Localization Notes

  • The Pure Land is the Mana Holy Land on the Super Famicom.

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