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February 28, 2021

Popoie's Grandpa
Literal grandpa or grandpa figure?
The Book of Mana
(Dengeki: August 27, 1993)

Popoie’s grandfather is only given the name, “Grandpa.”  He only appears in one sequence in the game, though his healing and saving abilities act as a free inn if needed. He’s found in the Wind Palace in the aftermath of an Imperial attack, which results in the loss of the seal on the Wind Seed.  After Randi reaches the altar room, Popoie checks in on Grandpa:

POPOIE: Grandpa!

GRANDPA: Oh…that voice…“chibi”, is that you!?

POPOIE: What’s the matter!?  Have you been blinded/are you blind?

GRANDPA: Uuh… some of the Empire’s men came to dissolve the seal of wind.  Since I was on the only one in the temple, they only did in my eyes, but the others, they probably… 

POPOIE: How cruel!  No way!  I’m sure everyone’s alive somewhere!

After being blinded, Grandpa hears Popoie's voice in the Wind Palace

Grandpa goes on to tell Popoie how humans are harming the sprites with their use of Mana:

GRANDPA: Hah…hah… please, listen well, little “chibi.”  We sprites are one with Mana…Humans are dissolving the seals on the Mana seeds and are trying to once again resurrect an ancient evil…If Mana disappears, we sprites will also vanish from this world…alas… 

After Popoie reassures him that he’ll prove his determination, Grandpa directs him and Randi to Matango, where he suggests they seek out the legendary white dragons.  

Localization Notes

  • The SNES translation says that a “flash” blinded grandpa, but based on the Japanese, something more direct and violent was likely inflicted on his eyes.

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