Secret of Mana Redux




February 28, 2021

Salamando meets the party in the Ice Country

Salamando is the Mana Spirit of fire, and has a fitting personality that didn’t make it into the English release:

SALAMANDO: Bwaha!  I’m saved!  Thank you.  I’m Salamando, the Spirit of fire!  Whoooa!  Now I’m thinkin’ that I’m finally free, and dammit I’m burnin’ up inside, oh yeah!  Whoooa!  Yeeeeah, even this isn’t wild enough for me!  Allllll right, I’ll loan you guys my power, and you can go as wild with it as you like!  Oh yeeeeeah!! FIIIIIIRE!!!

We can picture him flying all over the place when he says this, but there’s no special animation for this sequence.

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