Secret of Mana Redux




February 28, 2021

Gnome is the Spirit of earth.  In Japanese, he speaks in a thick archaic, rural dialect.  He’s a sensitive, comically disgruntled being who fittingly gets into it with the Sprite. 

GNOME: Hey!  Hey!  You guys!  Just who said you could barge in here without permission?  This is the great Gnome’s turf!  Hurry it up and get outta here!  

POPOIE: Shut it! YOU get outta here!  

GNOME: Whaaat!? Why you…! Cheeky, aren’t ya? [Thinkin’ that] I’ll punish ya for some fun!  

POPOIE: Ha, take this! And that!

GNOME: You little…! Ooh, ‘s’ bad! I didn’t know nothin’! Seeee ya!

Localization Notes

  • Gnome appears throughout the Mana series and his style of speech has been localized many ways. He uses 里言葉, an archaic rural dialect, as demonstrated by the use of words like おくんなまし.  A good analogy is someone who just came out of a West Virginia coal mine.

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