Secret of Mana: Redux




February 28, 2021

Dryad meets the party at the Tree Palace

Dryad is the shy and sadly depressed tree (or wood) Spirit who’s lost some of her powers courtesy of Thanatos, and couldn’t stop the Emperor from dissolving the final Mana Seed.  Like Luna, Hiromichi Tanaka felt that a wood elemental was innovative in light of the usual fire/earth/water/wind trope of the time. Similar to Shade, there’s a palette for a possible Tree Saber in the game’s memory (distinct from Mana Magic), but there’s no space for the spell:

GameFAQS: regrs

One curiosity about Dryad is that she’s the only Mana Spirit that doesn’t have an orb room in the Grand Palace. There’s a deleted map after the other seven and an unused orb for her, but this may just be a copy and paste job for the sake of completeness.

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