Secret of Mana Redux




February 28, 2021

Watts in Kakkara

Watts is the dwarf blacksmith who provides Randi with support for his arsenal. According to the Fundamental Knowledge guide, he’s 105 years old. He makes an axe for Randi that’s capable of cutting through dense obstacles, but most importantly, he can forge weapons with the power of Mana. This talent is allegedly common among dwarves.  Conveniently for Randi, Watts leaves his home in the dwarf village and follows him around the world, excited to be working on such a legendary weapon:

WATTS: Oh man, what a cruel thing [I did], don’t you think?  Without sayin’ a word [to the people in the Dwarf Village], I took off on a trip…Since it’s already come to this, I’ll be stickin’ with you all the way to end!  I’ve taken an interest in the growth [to its full form] of the Mana Sword, and I think it’s gonna be some good training!

Wherever Watts goes, he seems to fit it in well, as he’s usually chatting with an NPC or even setting up shop in whatever town he happens to be in. 

Localization Notes

  • The concept of weapon orbs doesn’t exist in the Super Famicom version.

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