Secret of Mana Redux




February 28, 2021

Krissie meets Randi at the Resistance hideout

Oh! Emperor Vandole is a DOG.

Krissie in Ted Woolsey’s SNES translation

There’s a Resistance to Emperor Vandole’s plans and its leader is 18 year old Krissie, who operates under his nose in the Empire’s capital.  While she allies her forces with Jema and later joins the fight at the Grand Palace, she’s never shown in action herself.  Krissie became the leader of the Resistance when her father Sagh was defeated by the Emperor, and she’s still overcome by his death.  As an NPC at her base tells us:

Krissie’s father, Sagh, was the leader of the Resistance. But in battle with the Empire, he [was defeated]…

So that we, who had lost our leader, would not fall apart, Kris followed in Sagh’s footsteps, and became the leader.

And another NPC: 

I saw Krissie crying all by herself!

She’s still learning how to be an effective leader, as Randi is successful in purging Northtown’s Ruins of Dyluck’s influence while she isn’t.  The Emperor also lures her into being captured with false peace talks, leaving her incredulous that he fooled her in addition to killing her father.  After Randi frees Phanna from Thanatos, Krissie watches over her until the Grand Palace sequence.

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