Secret of Mana Redux




February 28, 2021

Age: Unknown
Height: 135cm or 4’5″
Weight: 30kg or 66 lbs.

Neko is the talking cat you can’t trust, but you usually don’t have a choice.  He lives near the Water Palace, and is only interested in a visit from Randi if he’s buying something.  His prices are double the standard market price, and sometimes he’s the only peddler in a given area.  Neko is the exclusive vendor of some extremely powerful armor towards the end of the game, meaning that Randi will have to grind quite a bit to afford Neko’s naturally outrageous asking prices. 

Localization Notes

  • Neko is Japanese for “cat.”  Cats have a special significance in Japanese culture, bringing fortune and good luck.  The Maneki-neko figurine is often placed in shops as a symbol to beckon customers.